Do You Believe in Destiny - Original Fine Art Print
Do You Believe in Destiny - Original Fine Art Print

Do You Believe in Destiny - Original Fine Art Print

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"Do You Believe in Destiny" is an original work of art from Tim McIlveene, the founder of British Malaya Shop. When Tim lived and worked in China and Southeast Asia for several years he was asked this question continually - especially from college students. He thought it was an intriguing question and such a thought provoking one. Eventually he came to understand the spiritual context and curiosity behind the inquiry. He was being asked to give his thoughts and opinions on the "bigs" of like - religion, love and family among others - so much deeper than the standard Chinese greeting of "have you eaten yet?"

The man featured in "Do You Believe in Destiny" is taken from a vintage postcard from China. They featured the three gentlemen with the caption "Chinese Actors". We thought that looked cool so we used it for the name of our shop!

The piece is overlaid with a Chinese blue color to symbolize the heavens and the unknown realm beyond our plane of existence. The man is also overlaid in yellow which was the Chinese color for royalty but the tones are somewhat faded out to represent the transience of life and existence.

British Malaya Shop uses only the highest quality material for our art. This giclee print is on Hahnemuele 100% Rag paper which is heavy, bright white and features a smooth matte surface and is archival rated for 60+ years.

If you choose to have your British Malaya Shop print custom framed, rest assured it will framed with the utmost of care and at the highest quality. Frames are 100% solid wood, include acid free/ archival mats, plexiglass and a paper dust cover on the back along with hanging hardware.